Serve up a festive Valentine’s breakfast to celebrate the day with these easy and healthy ideas. I have my best recipes for chocolate muffins, pancakes, and smoothies, plus all things strawberry—Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Drinkable Yogurt, and more. So sweet.


Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Marking a holiday with a special morning meal is an easy way to make the day more fun and these ideas are perfect for your little Valentines! I’ve included my favorite breakfast recipes with chocolate, and also pink ones that feature lots of strawberries.

There’s quite a range here, so pick your favorites and what you think your kids might enjoy most!

These recipes, like all of my recipes, are meant to be nutritious meals for little kids that anyone of any age will enjoy eating. They all are lower in sugars, as that’s how I prefer to cook, but taste great.

And methods and ingredients are streamlined as much as possible so they work with your real, busy life.

healthy chocolate pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes

This simple batter gets a boost from cocoa powder. They aren’t super sweet, but they are delicious with berries and a drizzle of syrup!

Favorite Chocolate Pancakes
These pancakes are both easy and flavorful, with just a hint of cocoa flavor. The optional Berry Yogurt Spread is a delicious (and protein-packed) alternative to maple syrup. Make it the day before or start it before you start the pancakes so the berries have a chance to cool. You can also simplify and just serve the pancakes with a side of berries.
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healthy chocolate muffins cooling on wire rack

Flourless Chocolate Muffins

These healthy muffins taste like brownies and are super moist and flavorful. They also happen to have lots of protein and veggies blended right into the mix! They’re great for breakfast and also snack.

Chocolate Protein Muffins (With Veggies!)
These simple blender muffins pack a serious nutrition punch and are dairy-free, with a nut-free option. I prefer the flavor of these once they are fully cooled and chilled in the fridge.
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healthy chocolate muffins cooling on wire rack

Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins

Moist tender Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins that taste as good as store bought, but have a little extra nutrition? Sign. Me. Up. These muffins are seriously delicious and are a must-make if you have fans of Little Bites in your house!

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins (Little Bites Copycat)
Moist tender Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins that taste as good as store bought, but have a little extra nutrition? Sign. Me. Up. These muffins are seriously delicious and are a must-make if you have fans of Little Bites in your house!
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chocolate muffins

Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter and these are a perfect combo of these flavors. Serve them with milk or a smoothie (or your coffee!) with a side of fruit and call it love.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
Rich and moist, these chocolate peanut butter muffins are a healthy way to enjoy a treat for any meal of the day.
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Chocolate Banana Muffins with Oats

These Chocolate Banana Muffins are one of our all-time favorite baked goods. And while they taste like a treat, they are chock full of nutrition and whole grains—even spinach if you decide to add it!

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Muffins
Be sure to use very ripe bananas since they taste the sweetest. Warm the muffins slightly after storing in the fridge if desired. This recipe was updated March 2020 to ensure the best texture and moisture.
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Chocolate Smoothie

Super creamy and super delicious, this Chocolate Smoothie is loaded with produce and healthy fats. It’s like a morning milkshake!

Best Chocolate Smoothie (with Veggies!)
Be sure to blend this super smooth for the best texture. Use any or none of the optional ingredients. See the Notes for how to make this with regular milk.
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strawberry overnight oats in mason jars

Strawberry Overnight Oats

Make it easy to feed yourself and the kids a healthy breakfast, no matter how busy you are, with this simple make-ahead Strawberry Overnight Oats recipe.

Favorite Strawberry Overnight Oats
This recipe makes enough for one adult or for one adult and one small child serving. It's easy to double, so make more as needed!
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strawberry overnight oats in jars.

strawberry yogurt smoothie

Strawberry Drinkable Yogurt

If your kids love those expensive bottles of drinkable yogurt at the grocery store or you’re looking for a super simple (and super yummy) smoothie recipe, you have to try this one. This Strawberry Smoothie recipe with yogurt has just 3 ingredients and can even be made ahead!

Strawberry Smoothie with Yogurt
You can use fresh or frozen berries in this simple Strawberry Smoothie and the results will have a texture that is similar to drinkable yogurt. To make it thicker and to try different flavor options, see the Notes at the end of the recipe.
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Strawberry Milk

Learn how to make the BEST homemade strawberry milk with simple ingredients and very low added sugar. Add a simple side of toast or a waffle on the side. It’s a perfectly pink color for a Valentine’s breakfast.

Favorite Strawberry Milk
You can make this with fresh strawberries or freeze-dried ones, depending on what you have on hand or access to. The version with freeze-dried berries tastes more similar to store bought strawberry milk; the one with fresh berries tastes more like fresh strawberries!
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strawberry banana smoothie with cauliflower in glasses

Strawberry Smoothie

With simple ingredients, six flavor variations, and one easy method, this Strawberry Smoothie recipe is here for you! Change it up based on what you have and what the kids like—in perfectly creamy smoothie texture, every time.

Strawberry Smoothie with Veggies
Make the simple base recipe or try one of the variations with a veggie and more nutrient-dense add-ins. All are delicious! Freeze the banana ahead of time.
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strawberry banana smoothie with cauliflower in glasses

Strawberry Oatmeal

This super simple recipe for oatmeal with fruit is perfect for making with fresh or frozen strawberries. Quick, easy, and so good!

How to Make Oatmeal with Fruit
The base recipe makes a large amount so you can use it throughout the week. Feel free to cut it in half to make less, or just make one serving at a time using the instructions in the NOTES section below.
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Raspberry Donuts

With a bright hit of lemon, these cake-style donuts are moist and just sweet enough!

Raspberry Lemon Baked Doughnuts
These bright and fresh baked donuts have the texture of a cake donut, but with a zing of fresh fruit. I like my Wilton Donut Pan for this recipe, though you can also bake them in a mini muffin pan with the same timing. Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens.
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I’d love to hear about your favorite Valentine’s Day breakfast to share with the kids, so please comment below!

This post was first published February 2018.

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