Find the full information on the best travel potty, potty seats, seat covers, and accessories to make taking toddlers on the go a little more doable.

Travel potty on wet bag.

Travel Potty

Whether you’re just starting the process of potty training or you’ve been in it for a while, having a reliable, compact, and easy to use travel potty is essential. Making it easy for the kids to go when they need to makes life so much easier, so I have the best travel potty seats, travel bags, and more to share with you.

These have been tested in real life for durability, portability, ease-of-use, and more. They’re great for quick trips out of the house, playdates in the park, family trips and vacations, and even around the house as needed.

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Potette travel potty.

Potette Plus Travel Potty

With the legs down, this lightweight travel potty can be placed on the ground and used anywhere. Use an insert and it works on the floor of the minivan or back of your car. And when the legs are positioned to be straight out and locked in place, the foldable potty seat it works as a toilet seat over a standard toilet so you can easily use it in a public restroom.

It has a minimal, cute design and comes with a carry bag. We always try to take this to the beach with us, too.

The brand even sells disposable liners to go with the potty so you can easily clean up as needed. You can also use disposable plastic bags lined with a paper towel as a more affordable option or in a pinch if you run out of the purchased ones.

This Kalencom Potette Plus gets our pick for best portable potty and travel toilet for little kids.

Baby bjorn travel potty.

Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

This potty chair is small and portable and is a great one to use with younger toddlers on a road trip or to keep in the car. It makes it easier for a child to pee without using a public bathroom (because public toilets can be very loud!), and the small size makes it one of our favorite travel potty chairs.

This one is also a great standalone potty to use in the house. It’s top rated for comfort as its sized perfectly for toddlers. It also has a splash guard in the bowl to reduce spills.

oco 2 in 1 travel potty.

OXO 2-in-1 Tot Potty

Oxo-tot makes some of the most reliable kids gear on the market and their potty is no exception. It has a flexible design so it can also be used as a stand alone potty seat or as a seat to go on top of a standard size toilet. The legs easily locks into place and the rubber edges make it stay firmly in place.

Pop it into a storage bag—it comes with one—and take it on the go. Or leave it in the car or stroller so you always have it when you need it.

Other Gear to Go with a Travel Potty

  • Wipes: Always have wipes on hand for easy clean up.
  • If you plan to use a travel potty in your car or on a surface other than the ground, you can place it on a leak-proof padding or mat.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes, training underwear, pull ups, diapers, or whatever other essentials the child needs for toilet training to make the process easier.
  • A leak-proof wet bag makes transporting many travel potties easier. This wet bag from Bumkins Baby is my top pick to pair with a folded up Pottete Plus potty chair. Pop it into the diaper bag or the back of the stroller. and you’re ready to go.

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    1. Do you mean instead of the Bumkins one? If you are buying the potette new, get the set that includes a plastic bag which will last you a while!

    1. That is the Potette Plus Potty which is linked in the post. It’s just a different color than the white one.

  1. I bought the Jool baby folding travel potty seat, off of Amazon, to throw in kids bag when ever we go out and it has been so great! It helps adapt any toilet to a toddler friendly toilet and folds up small.