All year long is popsicle season as far as I’m concerned, so having the best, durable, easy-to-use popsicle molds can be such a help. From classic popsicle molds and molds for babies, to molds in fun shapes and more, these are here to help you with all of the freezer pop fun.

favorite popsicle molds in grid of 6

Popsicle Molds

We make a lot of Fruit Popsicles, Fudge Pops, Ice Pops, and Rocket Pops in my house because they’re a refreshing snack and hydrating food. And also because I love that they turn simple, nutritious ingredients into a food that is just so much more fun.

And since I’ve loved learning how to make popsicles so much, we have a lot of molds and have serious opinions on which ones are worth the money. Here they are!

Each of these is less than $15 as of writing and will last you for YEARS. They are all dishwasher-safe, can be used for a variety of treats, ice cream pops, popsicles, ice pops, frozen yogurt, and more, are easy to use and wash, and are rated as top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are silicone popsicle molds better than plastic?

Both are solid choices for homemade popsicles, though silicone can release a little more easily than plastic in some cases. There are options here in both materials.

How do you keep popsicles from sticking to mold?

The easiest way to release a popsicle from the mold is to run it under warm water for about 30 seconds, then pull it from the mold. That usually helps to release a popsicle, no matter what material the mold is made from.

How do you make frozen popsicles without mold?

You can use a small 3-4 ounce bathroom paper cup and a popsicle stick. Place the popsicle mixture into the cups and place the cups on a pie plate or baking dish so they’re easy to transfer to the freezer. Freeze for an hour, add the popsicle sticks in the center of each, and freeze for an additional 3-4 hours. Tear the cup off to serve.

Zoku classic popsicle mold

Best Classic Mold

Zoku Classic Pop Molds

6 Easy-release Popsicle Molds With Sticks and Drip-guards, BPA-free

We have two sets of these popsicle molds and use them most often for both the kids and the adults in the house. The sets are incredibly easy to use but the biggest selling point is that the popsicles consistently release easily from the molds. The easy-to-hold handle and drip guard on the bottom are nice, too.

zoku mini popsicle mold

Best Mold for Babies and 1-YearOlds

Zoku Mini Pop Mold

9 Miniature Popsicle Molds With Sticks and Drip-guards, Easy-release BPA-free Silicone

If you’re in the market for a popsicle mold for a baby or toddler, this size is perfect. Each one easily pops out of the silicone mold and they are a great small size for younger kids. (Less volume also means less potential for mess!) You can remove the popsicles, once frozen, and store in a zip top bag if you want to use the mold again! I also love using these for my sore throat popsicles!


Favorite Twin Pop Mold

Tovolo Twin Popsicle Molds

BPA Free Food; Makes 8 Pops

If you’re looking for classic twin popsicle molds, this fun option is a favorite. They can be eaten two at a time, or broken in half and served as singles. The popsicles stand up easily in the base tray, too, and are easy to clean with a small cleaning brush or just soapy water and a sponge.


Most Fun Novelty Popsicle Mold

Tovolo Star Ice Pop Mold

Drip-Guard, Sturdy Base, 4 Fluid Oz, Set of 6

These “rocket pop” popsicle molds are SO fun. We love them for any flavor and they’re an easy to eat shape. They are incredibly durable, made from BPA-free plastic, and are easy to release after running them under hot water. This is one of our top recommended products that we’ve been using for years.


Favorite Retro Mold

MEETRUE 12 Pieces Silicone Popsicle Molds

Easy-Release; BPA-free

If you want to make a large batch of popsicles all at once, with classic wooden sticks, this is a great mold option. It’s silicone, so easy to release and clean, and has a classic retro shape which is fun. The only downside is that you have to keep a stash of wooden popsicle sticks or bamboo popsicle sticks on hand.

(You may also like this metal popsicle mold which is also available on Amazon.)


Best Silicone Popsicle Mold

Zoku Round Pop Mold

4 Easy-release Silicone Popsicle Mold With Sticks and Drip-guards, BPA-free

Similar to the mini mold for babies, this silicone mold releases incredibly easily and makes a nice size popsicle for kids and parents. You may want two sets so you can make more than 4 pops at at time.


Best Ice Pop Tubes

Frozip 125 Disposable Ice Popsicle Mold Bags

BPA Free Freezer Tubes With Zip Seals

Recreate the magic of ice pops with disposable bags you can fill, freeze, and serve yourself, so they earn top points for flexibility. These are fun for freezing fruit juice or whatever mixture you like and are easy for any age to enjoy.

(Just be sure to follow the fill line to fill with the recommended amount of fluid ounces to avoid over-filling.)


Popsicle Recipes to Try

Once you have your popsicle molds in hand, here are some easy homemade popsicle recipes to make with them.

Easy Strawberry Popsicles (with Greek Yogurt)
With just 5 simple ingredients, these Strawberry Popsicles are a packed with vitamins and protein. They're a great toddler snack, baby popsicle, and dessert to share.
Easy Strawberry Popsicles (with Greek Yogurt)
strawberry frozen yogurt pops in molds on blue plate
Easy Mango Popsicles (2-Ingredients!)
These super easy Mango Popsicles are crazy simple to make—they have just two ingredients—and they are completely refreshing. Plus, the vitamin C, probiotics, and protein make them a nutritious snack for those little bellies!
Easy Mango Popsicles (2-Ingredients!)
mango popsicles on white plate
Easiest Creamsicle Recipe (3-Ingredients!)
With simple ingredients and fresh flavors, this homemade Creamsicle recipe is so fresh and fun for warmer weather—and is packed with Vitamin C, probiotics, and protein to help nourish our kiddos!
Easiest Creamsicle Recipe (3-Ingredients!)
Green Smoothie Freezer Pops
If you want to make more pops, simply double the recipe! If you have a toddler who’s super sensitive to textures, use mango instead of kiwi for extra creamy results.
Green Smoothie Freezer Pops
Easy Grape Pops (with Fresh Fruit!)
I like to make these with red grapes. Choose seedless to avoid seeds in the blender.
Easy Grape Pops (with Fresh Fruit!)
So Good Fudge Pops (with Avocado!)
Plan to make these in the morning of the day you want to serve them or the day before so they have time to freeze. See Notes for allergy-friendly substitutions. The amount of popsicles the recipe makes will vary according to the size of your mold.
So Good Fudge Pops (with Avocado!)
fudge pops with strawberries on pink plate.
Fresh Watermelon Popsicles
Learn how to turn fresh watermelon into popsicles by either blending and freezing into popsicle molds or freezing watermelon sticks or wedges. This added-sugar-free popsicle recipe is refreshing and delicious.
Fresh Watermelon Popsicles
watermelon popsicles on plate
Blueberry Popsicles (with Yogurt and Spinach)
If you have a high-powered blender you can add up to a cup of spinach. If you're relying on a food processor you may want to reduce it to ½ cup. Start with the lower amount and add more as you like.
Blueberry Popsicles (with Yogurt and Spinach)
Blueberry popsicles on purple plate with blueberries on side.
Peach Popsicles
With an easy method and bright fruit flavor, these Peach Popsicles are refreshing and delicious for any age.
Peach Popsicles
Peach popsicles on grey plate with peach on side.
Pineapple Popsicles
Think Dole Whip flavor, in popsicle form. These Pineapple Popsicles are refreshing and so easy to make!
Pineapple Popsicles
Pineapple popsicles on plate with pineapple.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, so please comment below to share.

This post was first published May 2021.

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  1. So I just came across this post and wanted to say thank you for this! Super helpful.. really.
    I found myself searching for DAYS, contemplating & trying to determine which mold to get that was the shape/style I wanted but would actually RELEASE! Finally I said to myself this is ridiculous and just bought an inexpensive silicone mold set on Amazon to start. So I’ll deff be trying some of these next! Thanks!